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Training & CACREP Standards Committee


The Addiction Counseling and CACREP Standards Committee seeks to provide helpful information and resources on Addiction Counseling and CACREP Standards.

This information and these resources can be useful to counseling programs seeking to establish an addictions counseling track, to those teaching an addictions course, as well as to those wanting to integrate elements of addictions counseling into other core and specialty courses.


To provide easy-to-access information about CACREP Standards associated with Addiction Counseling.

To offer examples of assignments, texts, supplemental articles, courses, etc. that can be used to meet specific CACREP Standards associated with Addiction Counseling.


Current projects:

CACREP Standards for Addictions Counseling: Review of Standards and Ideas for Application

A PowerPoint that lists the 2009 CACREP Standards associated with Addictions Counseling and provides ideas for how counselor educators can fulfill these standards, such as potential assignments, classroom activities, and website links


Addictions Counseling Syllabi Template

We will create syllabi templates of addictions-related courses to facilitate the development of addictions courses.  These templates will include potential course objectives, CACREP Standards, possible texts, supplemental readings, web links, and assignments.  These syllabi will be uploaded in .doc format to allow counselor educators to seamlessly modify them as needed.



Nathaniel N. Ivers, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, HS-BCP

Assistant Professor

Wake Forest University


CACREP 2016 Standards



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