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Recent podcasts:

A conversation with with Allan J. Katz. The IAAOC Process Addictions Committee presents a conversation about work addiction with Allan J. Katz, author of "Additive Entrepreneurship: How to Achieve Success with the Character Traits you Already Have.


"Spirituality is a verb" - a conversation between Keith Morgen and Trevor Buser, IAAOC President, about spirituality in counseling.


Methamphetimine use among men who have sex with men. Dr Juleen Buser, IAAOC Past President and  Dr. Kris Goodrich discuss his research into methamphetimine use among men who have sex with men. Dr Goodrich's work has been published in an issue of the Journal of Addiction and Offender Counseling.


A conversation between Juleen Buser, past-president of IAAOC and Lissa R, a practicing counselor, who is in recovery. Juleen and Lissa discuss how Lissa's past alcoholism influences her counseling work.


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