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  Featured in the March, 2017 Newsletter:


  •  President's Message -- Linda Thompson's message to the IAAOC membership
  • Newly elected IAAOC Leaders - learn about their backgrounds and vision
  • Information about IAAOC events and IAAOC-related Programs at the 2017 ACA Conference
  • Information about the Jonnie H. McLeod Institute on Addiction conference
  • Call for applications for Associate Editor for the Journal of Additions & Offender Counseling
  •  The Inside Story -- Notes from the Legislative & Advocacy Committee
  •  Membership Matters - Report from the IAAOC Membership Committee
  • Upcoming IAAOC webinars
  •  Information on NMCP_AC scholarship & stipend opportunities
  •  Graduate Student Corner article: Exercise Addiction: Can You Get Hooked on a "Runner's High"?

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