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Collegiate Addictions Committee


The purpose of the Collegiate Addictions Committee is to expand knowledge to counselors about the magnitude of addictions within college communities and discuss ways counselors can help.


Collegiate recovery communities are expanding, and although not all schools can have a comprehensive recovery community, preventative and recovery services can be implemented at most colleges.

Current projects:

• Publications and research on the collegiate addictions and recovery communities.

• Collegiate Addictions listserv to connect individuals in the profession and work together at creating supportive collegiate environments.


• To support evidence based practice in addiction treatment in colleges by providing research on the collegiate population and recovery support services.

• To provide counselors with resources for preventative and recovery services on campuses.

• To advocate for additional addiction support in colleges.

To get involved, contact the committee chairs:


Kristina DePue, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

University of Florida


Eric Richardson

Masters Student

University of Florida

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